Process Mining as a Service

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The current state of business process management has been facing challenges for years. The idea of creating or explaining the current status of a process (as is) is not focused on as much as a future potential process (to be). This is due to a few reasons including the complexity to go through the full exercise with an unclear path for improvement once you know your process.

Process mining has quickly became the next generation approach to use information to identify your bottlenecks and drive the right steps of digital transformation, through closer look into your data and processes. Process mining can help organizations capture data from various systems and come up with analyzes how processes are performing.

Our process mining as a service empowers you to analyze your existing processes, discover bottlenecks and inefficiencies that can be worked on, and potential cost savings, all without additional IT efforts to operate your own environment.

Coberg Process Mining as a Service

Process Mining even without the license.
Form the unbiased view.


Create transparency and understanding through visualizing of the actual as-is process including all its activities, to understand how your business really operates.


Analyze processes KPIs and automatically identify the patterns, analyze sub processes, repetitions, loops, and deviations occurring in each process through drilling down.


Identify the root causes for deviation and error sources, as well as and preparing the process mining analysis and results for the business stakeholders and relevant business decision makers.

Benefits of Process Mining as a Service

  • Effectiveness: start discovering the bottlenecks and improve the throughput times of your processes.

  • Validation: discover and learn more about process mining without the urge to have a long-term commitment, licenses, and associated implementation and IT costs.

  • Compliance: utilize process mining to help you discover any violations and unintended actions in your processes.
Insights: Process Mining

What is Process Mining?

Process mining is an area that got an attention recently, identified as a hot area in digital transformation space. On Wikipedia, process mining is a family of techniques in the field of process management that support the analysis of business processes based on event logs.
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Insights: Process Mining

5 Common Business Challenges Can be Solved by Process Mining

Process mining is a term that started getting traction in the recent years. The aim of process mining is to visualize the real business process and compare it with plan and theory. But now business decision makers would ask, why there is a difference between original process and ideal process?
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