Process Mining

Companies around the world use process mining technology to guide action and drive change, turning business processes into extraordinary experiences and resulting in millions of dollars saved.
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Form the unbaised view of your business

Process mining is a new analytical method to identify, monitor, and optimize your business processes. Being process-driven gets your company to have world class business operations. 

The incomplete view of your businesses can lead to costly mistakes and incorrect decisions in terms of what should you transform next in your business.

At Coberg, we empower you to visualize our processes across your various departments, ensuring full transparency in real time of everything running around your business.

Process Mining as a Service


Form the unbiased view about your business, with a fact-driven approach to decision making. Without buying process mining solutions in place, get started with the power of it. Check out how we can help.

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Process Mining Center of Expertise

Our expert team: CoE

The Coberg’s Center of Expertise in Process Mining works as key to capture your end-to-end business processes, and plan for process efficiency management. Check out how we can help.

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Process Mining Journey

Event collection

Gathering the event log data from your systems so it can be analyzed for process performance.


Creating rich dynamic visual representation of your process – seeing your way of working in clarity


After seeing your process flow, time for further investigation on who, what, when, where, why and how

Automated insights

After discovering the bottlenecks with deep analysis, time to correct the execution gaps in your processes.

Insights: Process Mining

What is Process Mining?

Process mining is an area that got an attention recently, identified as a hot area in digital transformation space. On Wikipedia, process mining is a family of techniques in the field of process management that support the analysis of business processes based on event logs.
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How does it work?

Data Collection: Business Events

Process mining activity starts with event collection, gathered from operational systems and your entire digital footprint.

Data Collection: User Interaction

Known as task mining, aggregates data from employee desktop tasks and turn them into behavioral patterns.

Discover: Process Discovery

Create an objective, interactive visualization of your processes that makes it easy to explore and gain valuable insights.

Discovery: Process Analytics

Giving you the tools to perform root cause analysis on points of process friction and understand the process deviations.

Enhance: Action Engine

Work with your teams to achieve smooth operations, providing AI-based next best action recommendations at each step in the process.

Enhance: Machine Learning

Integrate Python predictive models into the platform, Dive into process data by combining complex process models with cutting-edge machine learning.

Enhance: Process Automation

Automate manual steps across various systems with a drag-and-drop workflow creator and use conditional business logic & integrations

Monitor: Transformation Center

Set up your KPIs and mobilize everyone involved in the process, to track/measure contributions.
Insights: Process Mining

5 Common Business Challenges Can be Solved by Process Mining

Process mining is a term that started getting traction in the recent years. The aim of process mining is to visualize the real business process and compare it with plan and theory. But now business decision makers would ask, why there is a difference between original process and ideal process?
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