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The Coberg’s Center of Expertise in Process Mining works as key to capture your end-to-end business processes, and plan for process efficiency management. Check out how we can help.
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Across the years, IT landscapes of companies and enterprises have been grown for years, adding up solutions, some of them integrated and some not, making inefficiencies a fact of life in all the functions. With some solutions there for years to deal with inefficiencies, success vary based on various factors and sometimes intangible.

Process Mining Center of Expertise providers a greater understanding of your current processes and behaviors, while applying proven patterns to boost efficiency, and serve as the end to end support of group-wide digitalization across all functions and departments.

As process mining is relatively new to enterprises in a commercial way, we developed our Center of Excellence to empower customers with the right industry use cases, relevant training and methodologies that can build on. While working hand in hand to improve the current processes, we enable faster ramp-up of competencies on the customer side as well in knowing their own processes.

We are convinced that process mining will become an essential for Business Process Management, and we have partnered with the top process mining leaders to achieve our mission together.

Coberg Process Mining Center of Expertise

Road to Excellence with Process Mining

Our Center of Expertise works on three pillars.

Proof of Value

Working closely to provide a deep understanding of the potential of process mining, along with hands-on workshops to showcase hidden optimization potential.

Process Diagnostics

Deep dive on existing processes across systems and detecting potentials with the help of industry expertise and best practice for process optimization across functions.

Road to Excellence

Integrating the capabilities and analyses into the core of your enterprise to structure properly for process excellence and best optimization.
Insights: Process Mining

What is Process Mining?

Process mining is an area that got an attention recently, identified as a hot area in digital transformation space. On Wikipedia, process mining is a family of techniques in the field of process management that support the analysis of business processes based on event logs.
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Insights: Process Mining

5 Common Business Challenges Can be Solved by Process Mining

Process mining is a term that started getting traction in the recent years. The aim of process mining is to visualize the real business process and compare it with plan and theory. But now business decision makers would ask, why there is a difference between original process and ideal process?
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