Why a Process Mining Center of Excellence can be a gamechanger to your digital transformation?

Coronavirus spread out across the world, did a significant health, economic and business challenges. Organizations currently need to demonstrate resiliency and ability to adapt quickly, moving forward with digital transformation, but with an educated approach to what is the best move.

Navigating the aftermath of coronavirus disease, companies start looking to how they can digitally transform themselves the right way possible. Being able to prioritize the upcoming potential transformation based on what your data is telling you is a key for company success and proper adoption of technology.

Every business is made of processes, and ultimately data, some automatically and some need human work, leaving digital footprint across every activity done which can be called as log, process mining is all about digging into those logs to understand how your business really works. Which is – we can say nearly always – surprising because things are rarely as they seem for enterprises, process mining can really help in uncovering the true reality of the story.



Process mining is powerful concept, and when combined with the right technology and the right expertise, you achieve a successful implementation that can benefit the organization strategy. Centralizing the work through a center of excellence and assigning key resources to drive the initiative helps in steering the project in the right direction and avoiding unnecessary parallel work, inefficient use of resources and ultimately higher costs. Combining this with executive management support to know the pulse of the organization as things go forward, leads to successful implementation and a faster approach to solve the existing challenges, while creating the necessary synergies with future digital pillars the organization maybe looking at as AI or RPA initiatives.

In summary, process mining can help you extract the right insights on how your business really works, enabling you to drive the right digital transformation initiatives and next steps, which accordingly will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Our process mining center of excellence will help you answer questions like how my processes are currently working, how can I improve my processes, and what can be improved.

Coberg’s Process Mining Center of Excellence uses best technologies and platforms out there in the market to create transparency of companies’ processes. Process mining empower you to enable actionable insights based on your current historical processes data, to know the real story.

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