Revolutionizing Business Growth in Doha through Coberg & Salesforce Event in The W Hotel

On the 12th of June 2023, Coberg and Salesforce joined forces to host their first event in Doha, Qatar at the W Hotel. The event focused on equipping attendees with the knowledge to prioritize their customers and drive business growth through the utilization of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. Esteemed experts in various fields, including marketing and engagement, sales, service teams, APIs and data integration, and customer journey and strategy, shared their insights, making it a valuable opportunity for business leaders.

The day kicked off with a warm welcome and a light breakfast service. Russell Daley, the Regional Vice President of Commercial Sales at Salesforce, set the tone for the day, emphasizing the importance of customer-centric business strategies and the potential of the Customer 360 platform. Bassem Kharrat (Salesforce Enterprise Account Executive) took the stage to deliver a keynote speech that further underscored these themes and provided guidance on leveraging the platform effectively.

During the morning session, Othman Katim (Salesforce enterprise Account Executive) delved into the realm of smarter marketing and engagement in the era of digital data-first approaches. Subsequently, Jesse Kingston (Country Manager for Qatar at Salesforce) and Noura Oughanem (Lead Solution engineer) shared invaluable insights on unifying the customer experience and centralizing data inputs, enlightening attendees on unlocking the full potential of their sales and service teams.

Our special guest, Mr. Hamad Al Hajri, the CEO & founder of Snoonu, took the stage alongside Mohamed Abdelsalam, Coberg’s Managing Partner, to discuss the challenges of running a business and how they were overcome through the customer-centric approach of Salesforce eco – system and Coberg’s expertise as a Platinum Salesforce Partner.

Attendees then had a chance to network and exchange experiences during a brief coffee break.

The event resumed with Roddy Aletawi (from the Enterprise Solutions Sales team at Salesforce) shedding light on the power of APIs with MuleSoft, highlighting the benefits of streamlined integration for driving business transformation.

Finally, Mr. Matthew Clark, the Strategy and Business Development Director, and Mr. Baburaj Parakkal, the CIO of Jaidah Group, shared their success story of utilizing Salesforce and customer journey strategy in a session centered around the voice of the customer. This session equipped attendees with practical approaches to implementing customer-centric thinking within their own organizations. The event continued with networking opportunities and a closing lunch.

Coberg and Salesforce effectively showcased their expertise and offerings throughout the event. Attendees left with valuable insights on leveraging customer data and insights to foster business growth. The collaboration between Coberg and Salesforce proved to be a great success, providing attendees with practical takeaways that can be applied to their own business operations.

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