How Process Mining can enable your organization’s Digital Twin?

In our current era, all enterprises have tremendous amount of data through the various systems used by different teams. Data are continuously generated daily in volumes, either through usage of platforms and/or integration between several platforms together creating further data. The endless amount of data has been a key catalyst to the increase of the Digital Twin Framework recently, taking the spotlight and consideration of enterprises’ executives.

What is Digital Twin?

The DTO, or the digital twin organization – or digital twin framework, is a concept of creating a digital replica – or we can say a virtual model – of your business or actual process, product, or a service you provide to your customers. This can help you to analyze your product and service and accordingly optimize and address issues before they turn into problems in your live environment.

DTO itself as a concept is not new, it has been there for a decade used by various industries.  The idea of understanding first what you need to improve is getting crucial as companies grow to find the correct digital transformation strategy. Digital twin framework can allow teams to study the way everything works down to the smallest detail, no matter the processes complexity.

DTO has been appearing on Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends lists for the past three years. One of the many predictions IDC has developed regarding digital twins: companies that invest in DTO technology will see a 30 percent improvement in cycle times for their critical processes. According to IDC, Digital Twins were already positioned to become a widespread strategy in 2020 before the global Covid-19 pandemic, which has made the tool even more useful. Empowering a real smart supply chain and manufacturing processes.


But first, Process Mining:

To create a complete Digital Twin, it will take some preparatory work beforehand. The data must be extracted, read and interpreted. This is considered as a perfect use case for Process Mining.

A few years ago, Gartner noted that process mining will “grow into an essential part of any business transformation initiative and certainly could help in guiding digital business initiatives by providing the data connection part of this digital twin of an organization.”

We have listed 4 steps process mining can empower you to create your own digital twin:

  1. Discover your data – reading process:

The extraction of your processes data from your existing IT systems is a fundamental prerequisite to do functional mapping. Needing to discover your data first through integrating process mining to your existing IT systems and get a real view of your processes and deviations occurring.

  1. Understand your data – visualization process:

After the discovery phase, comes in the visualization process of your process structures, with more processes visualized and understood properly, the bigger your digital twin framework can be. Helping you to understand your optimization potential to its best levels.

  1. Interpret data – analysis & utilization process:

After discovering and understanding your current processes, time to do root cause analysis and see target-actual comparison, giving you the ability to drill down and potential improving strategies. Adding on this that visualize process structure helps you to see a real view and actual state of the system.

Process mining technology is a key enabler to build your digital twin framework. Utilizing it as a business mirror. Helping you to do so in a fast and efficient way instead of manual process mapping and modeling. Through the intensive discovery of your processes, understanding and visualizing, as well as analyzing stages, you eliminate the potential errors from manual process discovery and mapping, and get the accurate view.

Coberg’s Process Mining Center of Excellence uses best technologies and platforms out there in the market to create transparency of companies’ processes. Process mining empower you to enable actionable insights based on your current historical processes data, to know the real story.

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