Coberg + Salesforce World Tour Essentials Event Dubai 2023

The Salesforce World Tour Essentials Event Dubai 2023 is one of the most awaited and biggest events in technology consultancy and customer relationship management. It provides a platform for Salesforce, its partners, and industry leaders to showcase their latest products, solutions, and services to attendants.

Coberg, as a platinum Salesforce partner, had the honor of being an emerald sponsor for the event held in Dubai on the 18th of May 2023. We were delighted to demonstrate our unique approach to enhancing and accelerating our clients’ performance while supporting them in achieving their goals with great success.

At our booth, our talented employees held six demo sessions, each showcasing how different industries like automotive, real estate, consumer goods, public sector, healthcare, and financial services can leverage the Salesforce ecosystem to improve their business processes and customer relationship management to unlock their full potential. By educating the attendees on how Salesforce can breed success in their individual industries, our demos were visited by many guests from several industries.

Our booth branding was also dedicated to representing those six industries, and our Managing Partner Mohamed Abdelsalam, and our Senior Consultant, Yahia Hassanein, gave a remarkable speech about the current trends in the Automotive industry. The speech aimed to provide insightful information to the guests about the industry while highlighting how auto dealers can use Salesforce to create better ways of engaging with their customers.

One of the most memorable moments for us at Coberg was participating in a CSR activity organized by Salesforce, where we got the opportunity to build toys for people in need with the help of “Companies for Good”. It was an incredible experience, and we are grateful to Salesforce for giving us a chance to give back to society at the event.


From networking with our clients and potential clients to providing attendees with valuable insights into our services, the event proved to be a huge success and a fun experience for everyone.

We are immensely proud to have received the award for Customer Success Partner of the Year across the Middle East from Salesforce.

 Our hardworking employees and teamwork made it possible, and we are grateful for the support we receive from the Salesforce team.

We are looking forward to attending the next Salesforce WTE event and are highly motivated to reach new milestones by providing our clients with excellent services.

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