With millions of subscribers and variety of products, operational tasks are getting increasingly more complex by time for telecom operators. Check out how we can help.
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Subscribers globally are increasing making Telecom operators create various new products and customized solutions for segments based on various characteristics, to meet the demand and avoid customer churn that became easier than before. This has created a massive increase in the complexity of the operational tasks, including but not limited to invoicing, order fulfillment and services configuration. With the increase of communication tools based on Internet, mobile internet and big data will create tremendous opportunities for operators.

To overcome some of the challenges, Telecom operators digital arms have been expanding more than before to meet the continuous demand and retain customers. Instant messaging apps and social media will even become more relevant than before while decreasing the importance of support phone and branch service.

At Coberg, we work with telecom players to optimize their operational and customer-related processes and get the best out of their increasing amount of data.

Technology Consulting firm focused on data and processes

We work with our customers to identify, consult and transform their business from data perspective. Understanding the bottlenecks and applying technology and relevant industry/function use cases to solve them.
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Data & Process Discovery

Speaking with you on the current processes & data to work together the best way possible to leverage process mining.

Product Implementation

We will be helping you to implement top-notch solutions through our certified analysts and consultants.

Integration Scenarios

Every tech environment is complicated. We work with you to integrate the platforms to get the best out of your data and processes to achieve more.

Industry Scenarios & Use Cases

Working with you as per your industry with the relevant use cases that can support your business forward.

Data and Process Initiatives are important now more than ever. There are reasons for that.

Data-driven culture matters. Being objective about processes and what to digitally transform matters. Enterprises that implements a data culture will stay true and objective about their business problems; being able to answer questions like what is the problem? what can be done to solve it? – most of the enterprises nowadays have lots of data but this doesn’t mean that it means something. To use the data, you need to have solid foundation, and to have a solid foundation, you need to use the data creatively. 

“Without Big Data Analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like a deer on a freeway.”
Geoffrey Moore
Geoffrey MooreAmerican organizational theorist, management consultant and author
Insights: Digital Transformation

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