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Re-imagine the way you engage with your customers. Put the customer at the center of your business. Get to be a customer-centric organization.
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Put the customer at the center of your business

Every business stakeholder knows how important is it to keep your customers satisfied, but few understand the value of providing the right positive experience and it’s impact on the business outcomes.

When it comes to Customer Experience, it’s all about your data and how you make the right use out of it. Research shows customers are likely to mention a positive customer experience to an average of 9 people, and a negative customer experience to 16 people (Forbes report,’15). With the power of social media, numbers will keep on increasing.

At Coberg, we empower you to re-imagine the way you engage with your customers, putting the customer at the center of your business.
Our expert team: CoE

Customer Experience Center of Expertise

The Coberg’s Center of Expertise in Customer Experience works to empower you to make smarter decisions on a daily basis. Our team of practitioners around the globe have delivered some of the most inventive solutions across the globe.
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Our Methodology

Streamlined Success.

Explore how we can help your business to transform.


Deliver a personalized experience for our customers across: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud and Commerce Cloud.

Industry Expertise

We align our industry approach along with the CX platform and technology capabilities to scale functionalities across your enterprise.


We put our best practice as well as our forward-thinking approach to empower your enterprise to run the future across the CX platform.


Connecting the various systems together for best value and smooth operations across all functions. Empowering you to achieve your goals from digital.

Technology + Strategy

Smarter business.
Driven by data.

Accelerate Transformation. Everytime.

We work with our customers to create business value through industry specific solutions, as well as end to end offerings on top of CRM, from analysis, design, implementation and post implementation. We empower our customers to unlock value from data and make their business smarter.

Our strength lies in the deep expertise of understanding Customer Experience across industries and businesses, working hands-on several CX platforms for years. Our obsession with industry-led innovation help us to solve our clients’ most complex business problems with the right use cases.

Our goal is to deliver the right value to our clients through leveraging the full power of technology, innovation, and consultative approach to drive outcomes that lead to valuable business transformation.

Insights: Customer Experience

Why Business Experience is the future of Customer Experience?

Business Experience as a concept is a mix between Customer Experience as we know it, as well as igniting business growth in a way can help you connect further with your customers. Business Experience is for all the C-levels to be involved in, strategically, more than the CX point of view. The pandemic has accelerated the way CxOs and stakeholders look towards their business next moves and potential strategies to grow further.
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