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The Coberg’s Center of Expertise in Customer Experience works to empower you to make smarter decisions on a daily basis. Check out how we can help.
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At Coberg Customer Experience Center of Expertise, we use creativity, technology, strategy and power of vendor partnerships to empower our customers in their Customer Experience journeys. Our team of practitioners with years of hands-on experience are ready to empower you create better experiences that can drive loyalty and fuels bottom line results.

COVID-19 has reprioritized every organization’s Customer Experience projects. With customers interacting more through digital channels, the demand for readiness by enterprises has increased dramatically during the last few months. To get ahead of the game, business and IT stakeholders need to take actions.

Retaining customers during the pandemic got harder than the normal. This made COVID-19 push further digital transformation initiatives on the top of C-level list. Companies have to communicate and deliver services through the right channel and at the right time to keep their customer engaged.

Coberg Customer Experience Center of Expertise

Jumpstart your high-value customer experience initiatives.

Our Center of Expertise differentiates itself based on three pillars.

Human Experience

Our global team is knowledgeable about CX platforms and its use cases throughout years of hands-on experience across different sizes.

Vendor Ecosystem

We partnered with top CX solutions worldwide to complete our technology + strategy vision, helping us to provide unmatched value.

Industry Solutions

Our experience, our methodology and industry use cases help us to deliver real value out of the technology, putting the building block of digital transformation.
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Why Business Experience is the future of Customer Experience?

Business Experience as a concept is a mix between Customer Experience as we know it, as well as igniting business growth in a way can help you connect further with your customers. Business Experience is for all the C-levels to be involved in, strategically, more than the CX point of view. The pandemic has accelerated the way CxOs and stakeholders look towards their business next moves and potential strategies to grow further.
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