Coberg Industry Research Centre

The key goal for establishing Coberg Industry Research Centre is to support and develop our firm's industry expertise and global/local best practices across the sectors we work in, as well as core business topics that affect businesses.

About our Industry Research Centre

Our mission is to help leaders in the commercial, public and social sectors to develop a better understanding of what they can achieve through technology, and reach the real definition of digital transformation for their businesses. Combining research, science, and technology.

Our teams work together to research, think, and collect the best industry practices across the various sectors and topics such as Supply Chain, Procurement, Finance, Customer Experience, Process Excellence and more, through conducting various types of market research and market studies on all levels.

We work with CxOs and leaders across Automotive, Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail & Distribution, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities as well as Telecommunications industry to empower them in their digital transformation journey. These insights are based on data collected and analyzed through various discussions across various regions to grasp the full picture. 

We organize our annual Coberg CIO Forum to give opportunity to thought leaders and C-level executives to share technology trends, providing meaningful and deep insights on the future of technology and digital transformation across various industries, topics and sectors of interest.

Featured Research Topics

Supply Chain

Consumers will continue to want low prices and firms won't be able to charge more just because the manufacturing cost is higher. The challenge for companies will be to make their supply chain framework more resilient without weakening their competitive edge.

Finance & Business Operations

With the impact of COVID-19 across all functions, it's time for CFOs to potentially have the opportunity to drive new bargains and utilize the discounts across asset categories. Being able to maximize the savings opportunities and realize cash discounts is key to maximize profitability in the short and long term strategies.

Business & Operational Resiliency

Operational resilience is about the ability to adapt, respond and recover from operational disruptions. Highly important with the current impact of the pandemic and the aftermath to understand your operations across all levels, rapidly identify pain points, so you can find a solution that can ensure you are back on track quickly.

Customer Experience

Focusing on your customer lifetime value has never became more crucial than now. Experts estimate that it's 5 to 25 times more costly to obtain a new single customer rather than retaining your existing ones. Touchpoints are key to successful customer retention and mapping the critical touchpoints can give you a precise overview of what is happening in your customer journeys.