Recruitment Process

We are a group of people who dare to make dreams come true. All our values are the foundation of the concept we have built together. By joining our team you can have a fantastic job, but also become a member of our group making profits as a partner, not just a colleague. To learn more about our values please click here.

We really want make you being our partner on early stage and feeling comfortable. That’s why we have prepared a short description of the whole recruitment process to allow you to learn what you can expect during this time.

All processes are held on-line to make sure you can feel save and comfortable choosing the place the most convenient for you.

Our application process looks as the following:

Step 1 – Submitting you application 

Please send us your application using our website or LinkedIn profile choosing the desired position. Sometime we are supported by an external company helping us with direct search or non-standard recruitment processes, so you can be contacted by them with a kind
request to send your cv as well.

Please make sure you have attached your consent to the processing of your personal data in the recruitment process provided by Coberg or its co-operating entities. In your CV, please do not forget to point out all your competencies and all the strengths that best match the job expectations and Coberg values.

Step 2 – First meeting to know each other

People are the most important for us as they become our partners by joining our company. That’s why firstly we would like to make sure our values will be appreciated and fully understood by you. Our Talent Acquisition team or a recruitment company will be reaching out to you for a chat about your interest, passion and your previous experience. They will also answer all your questions about the the company and values we have.

Step 3 – Learning more about the job and the team

The HR or recruitment team will organize a discussion with the practice unit head/manager to share about how we do it and know more about your capabilities. It is also a good time to ask all your questions regarding the job, responsibilities, your line manager in spe and daily routines. You can share with us your stories about your professional experiences and achieved goals or the most important situations changing your career path.

Step 4 – Show us what you have learnt and experienced

As we are aware, that not everybody is a good speaker, this stage allows you to present your professional competencies and your expertise in the way you like the most. We want to make sure that nothing was left beyond the words and the job we offer will make you feeling happy and successful.

Step 5 – Reference Check

Our HR/Talent Acquisition team will ask you for contact to ex-colleague or ex-manager of your previous employers. If you do not want to share of your current employer, it can be for your previous employer colleagues and ex-managers. We just try to hear perspectives about you at work and learn more about you.

Step 6 – Join our team

You can become our partner by signing an employment contract or B2B contract. We are open to offer you the type of co-operation most desired by you. After choosing the best option, our HR team will contact you to make arrangements. The next step will be an induction process.